If you're thinking about adding or updating your air cooling system before the heat of the Canadian summer arrives, you are likely wondering whether a new heat pump makes sense or if would be better to invest in a more traditional central air conditioning system. Both types of systems have their merits and their challenges. The system that will work best for you depends on where you live, the size of your home and your family's lifestyle and air temperature preferences.

Advantages to a heat pump

1. A heat pump is both a cooling and a heating system. A heat pump works by transferring naturally cooled air and heat from the ground around your home to the interior of your house. It cools in the summer and heats in the winter. If you're also in the market for a heating system, choosing a heat pump could ultimately save you money. However, if you live in a cold climate, where the temperature commonly goes below freezing, a heat pump will likely not be able to keep up with your heating demands.

2. A heat pump helps to save energy. Because a heat pump transfers energy rather than creating it, this type of system uses much less electricity than a traditional air cooling system.

3. A heat pump is more compact. A heat pump generally takes up less space in your home than a traditional air cooling system. This is because a large portion of this type of system is located on the exterior of the house.

Advantages to a traditional central air system

1. Central air generally requires less of an financial outlay. Although a heat pump is generally less expensive to operate, the initial cost of a heat pump system is higher than a traditional central air system. The exception to this would be if you do not have duct work already in place. Adding ducts as well as a central air system would generally be more expensive than adding a heat pump.

The decision whether to opt for a heat pump to cool your home or stay with the traditional air cooling system is one that depends on how you and your family live during the summer, the area of your home and your budget. Since both systems have their good and not-so-good points, it's wise to sit down with a good HVAC contractor before you choose and evaluate which type of system will best suit your family's needs.

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