Are you trying to decide whether to buy a gas furnace? If so, taking the time to explore the pros and cons that come along with this type of heating system can help to ensure you are making a truly informed decision. Below you will learn more about the good and bad aspects of choosing a gas furnace for your home.

The Good

  • High Intensity Heat - Gas furnaces are capable of producing extremely high temperatures. As a result, these high intensity heating systems are often the best choice for battling extremely low temperatures and will be capable of heating your home much faster than an electric furnace.
  • Affordable Operation - Natural gas is historically more affordable per unit than electricity. Add to that the fact that gas furnaces consume less energy than electric furnaces, and it is easy to see how these furnaces can be far more affordable to operate on a monthly basis.
  • Longevity - A gas furnace offers a lifespan of up to 25 years. This type of longevity can easily help homeowners to minimize their future heating system investments.

The Bad

  • Carbon Monoxide Emissions - Gas furnaces rely on combustion in order to create heat. Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of this combustion process. If not properly ventilated, this dangerous gas could potentially leak into your home. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to ensure that gas furnaces are properly maintained at all times.
  • Fuel Availability - Natural gas lines are not available in all areas. In some rural locations, it will prove impossible to have the necessary fuel delivered in order to run this type of heating system.
  • Upfront Cost - While it is true that gas furnaces cost less to run each month, you should know that these furnaces typically cost more to purchase and install than electric furnaces. This could prove problematic for homeowners who must replace their current heating system on a rather small budget.

The Bottom Line

While many homeowners will benefit greatly from the use of a gas furnace, these heating systems will not be right for everyone. For instance, individuals who have a small upfront budget or who are unable to have natural gas delivered to their home will likely benefit more from the use of an electric furnace. However, homeowners who are looking to battle extremely cold temperatures or who desire the lowest possible operational costs will likely find that a gas furnace is the right choice for them. Visit a furnace dealer like Coral Home Comfort for more information.