When it comes to your HVAC system, there are some things you need to do and others that will reduce the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to be sure you get adequate heating and air throughout your home:

Getting the Wrong Furnace

If you need to have a new furnace installed in your home, make sure you choose the right size. Getting a furnace that is the wrong size for your needs and the size of your home is a common mistake that you should try to avoid. Don't get the biggest furnace just because it seems like the best, or you may experience problems with the energy being use.

In that same respect, getting a furnace that is too small will work extra hard just to heat up your home. Make sure you work with a contractor to calculate what size you need.

Not Having an Efficient Draining System

All HVAC units need to have some sort of drain in order to get rid of the waste water. This includes central heating and air conditioners, and high-efficiency furnaces. Make sure you have a good draining system that takes the waste water and removes it from your home. If the drain system isn't working properly, that water can soak into the walls or roof of your home, which can then damage it and require some costly repairs. It can also cause freezing of your pipes in the winter.

Choosing the Incorrect Exhaust

Another thing that has to do with the HVAC system you choose to have installed is not having the right exhaust. If you use a furnace for heating up your home, it will produce toxic gases. These gases help to heat up your home, but should be vented outdoors in order to reduce carbon monoxide exposure. If you don't have the right exhaust flue on your furnace, it could cause those fumes to accumulate in the air inside your home.

Having Poor Air Distribution

Finally, make sure you have good air distribution throughout your home. This includes having quality vents and ducts installed, and being sure you have the right design for the air duct system that correlates with the HVAC system you are using. If you moved into a new home, getting the duct system inspected for proper air distribution is a good idea because it lets you know if any repairs need to be done.

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