If you want to enjoy a fun summer this year, maybe you can begin by not making some of the same mistakes you made with the air conditioner last summer. As a reminder, here are a few things you can avoid this season and have a great time with your family and friends.

Landscaping can be a problem if you let trees and shrubs grow too close to the outside air conditioning unit. The unit should be routinely checked to be sure no leaves or branches have fallen into the system. Climbing vines or plants can also cause a problem.

Filter changing is an important task that shouldn't be ignored. As part of a good maintenance plan, it should be cleaned or replaced monthly. Clean filters are a must if you have a furry animal releasing dust and dander. The evaporator coil should also be checked annually.

Separate plugs are essential for window air conditioners. If you have other items plugged in while it is running, you will probably overload the breaker. Surge protectors are a good investment to protect your unit from spikes in voltage during storms or busy times of the day or night.

Overworking the unit all night while you are sleeping or all day while you are working could be wasting a lot of money.  Using a thermostat that can be programmed, will allow you to set the times you want the home on the 'chill' factor. If you shut it all the way off, the unit will have to work double-time to make the home cooler later.

Leaks from the ducks create a 30% airflow loss that can be checked with an old smoke trick. If smoke goes around the ducts or windows, you probably have a leak. Window units are also difficult to seal properly.

Is It a Window Unit? If so, don't place it in a window that stays sunny most of the day. Also, don't place the unit over any type of appliance that might generate heat, such as a television or stereo. This will give your home a false reading and make the window unit work harder when it isn't necessary.

This summer will be a glorious time at your home because you are now prepared to correct all of the flaws created last year. Using these suggestions along with any new information you have learned since then, your family will appreciate all of the efforts. For more information, talk to a professional like Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors Ltd.