As the weather begins to heat up this spring, it's time to get your air conditioning system serviced for the work ahead. The earlier you can call an HVAC contractor, the easier it will be to get your system serviced before the hot weather sets in. You may discover that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced, and you'll want to get this done before you need your air conditioning on a daily basis. To avoid living without your air conditioning this summer, get your system serviced to ensure that it is great working order. All repairs can be made, or the system can be replaced if it is beyond repair.

If Your System Needs Replacement

Residential air conditioning units don't last forever. If your system is more than ten years old, it could be time to have your system replaced. Air conditioning units for central air last between ten and fifteen years, sometimes less if your system is too small to handle the cooling needs of your home. You don't want to find out that your system isn't working when the weather turns hot. Get your system serviced early so that you can get your air conditioner replaced before you need to cool your home every day.

Basic System Maintenance Saves Money

At the start of the cooling season, basic maintenance will help you save money on cooling costs. When your system is running efficiently, it costs you less money to keep your home cool. You can help an HVAC technician who is coming to service your unit by cleaning around the outside and making sure there are no yard debris. Over the winter, leaves and other yard debris can build up around the unit and will need to be removed. You can also make sure that air ducts are easy for the technician to access.

Close Off Rooms You Don't Need

If you have rooms that don't need to be cooled during the hot weather, closing off the rooms will help reduce the work your system needs to perform. When you shut off rooms, make sure there aren't any working temperature sensors in the room. The rest of the home that you are cooling should have an even air flow throughout. Use ceiling fans if necessary to keep the air flowing freely. 

When you don't want to have hot weather without a working air conditioner, it's time to call to have your system serviced by a company like Classic Air and Heating.