With summer temperatures at an all-time high, it may seem like your air conditioner is struggling to keep up. If it's been a few years since your last A/C system purchase, then it may be time for a replacement. But is it really a wise idea to have it done right at the peak of the summer season?

Only If It's an Emergency

Unless your current A/C system is mere minutes away from its date with the mechanical grim reaper, you might want to hold off on replacing in during the middle of the summer season. There are plenty of reasons why most homeowners wait until the end of summer to have their A/C systems replaced:

  • Cost - With summer being a time of high demand for A/C systems, chances are you'll pay more than full price for a replacement unit and even more to have a technician install it for you. In most cases, you'll better off waiting for those fall and winter discounts to roll around before making the switch.
  • Comfort - Having your current A/C system out of commission could lead to a few days of sweltering discomfort. If you can't stand the heat inside your home, a hotel stay may be in your future.
  • Availability - Getting a hold of an HVAC technician during the summer for a non-emergency A/C replacement can be difficult, especially as a steady stream of emergency repairs takes precedence over your installation needs.

If your A/C system isn't showing any warning signs of an impending breakdown, then your best bet is to sit back, relax, and plan your A/C replacement during the early fall months. Not only will your HVAC technician have more time to devote to your AC replacement, but cooler fall temperatures can help alleviate the need for air conditioning installation.

Only If You Have a Backup

The only other time you should consider replacing your A/C system in the middle of the summer season is if you already have another form of cooling in place. For instance, if you have one or more window-mounted or portable air conditioning units to rely on throughout the installation process, then you could probably get away with being without your main A/C system.

Keep in mind that portable and window-mounted A/C units are nowhere near as energy efficient as a typical split A/C unit. Your level of comfort also won't be the same, since portable and window-mounted A/C units aren't able to distribute conditioned air as effectively as a dedicated A/C unit with ducting.