If you just moved to hurricane country, you have a lot to learn about protecting your home when a major hurricane warning is issued. You may think that all you need to do is cover up your windows; however, preparing for a hurricane means more than that. You also need to make sure that you protect your air conditioning unit.

How Hurricanes Harm Your Air Conditioning

Hurricanes can harm your air condition unit in a variety of ways. All of the high winds that come with the storm can cause debris to damage and/or pierce the coils and fins. Debris can cover up the condenser and impede the flow of air. Really strong winds can even rip your unit out of your window or rip your unit out of the ground.

Along with high windows, hurricanes often bring flood waters that contain a lot of salt. This can cause the valves, controls and wiring on your unit to become corroded. It could even cause internal damage from the strong winds that could cause a fire hazard with gas-powered air conditioning units.

Finally, don't forget about the lightning that often comes with these storms. Downed power lines as well as power surges caused by lightning can damage your compressor and cause the system to overload and fail.

Hurricanes present a host of potential hazards to your home's air conditioning unit.

Preventative Steps To Take

Before a hurricane is even declared, there are preventative steps you can take to protect your equipment.

  • Have your HVAC unit put on an elevated and secure platform to protect it from flood water.
  • Insure that it is bolted in place and has the right hooks for hurricane straps, and make sure that you have easy access to your hurricane straps.
  • You should also get a custom cover made for your unit so it can be protected from the damage of high winds.
  • Install an HVAC specific surge protector it protect the components from getting fried.

When A Warning Is Issued

When a hurricane warning is issued, that is when you need to take action. Put the custom cover on your air conditioning unit and put the hurricane straps in place. Ensure that it is securely covered. Then, turn off and unplug your unit to protect it from power surges. If you have any open air vents, be sure to cover those up as well.

Understanding how a hurricane warning sized storm can affect your air conditioning unit, and knowing what preventative steps you need to take to protect your unit, will help you keep your air conditioning unit safe in your new home in hurricane country. Contact an HVAC service for more information.