Keeping your home cool in the summer can quickly get really expensive, especially if you are home all the time. Here are a few tricks that you can employ to lower your energy costs when you spend all your day at home.

#1 Turn Off Lights & Equipment That You Are Not Using

Turn off the lights in your home that you are not using. Turning off the lights in your home will help save energy. They will also help keep those rooms coolers. Lights, even the newer energy efficient models, generate some degree of heat. Turning them off can help keep your house a little cooler.

Also, make sure that you turn off any equipment that you are not using, such a printer or television. All of those items take up energy and create heat, so turn them off when you don't need them.

#2 Monitor Your Drapes

When the sun is directly hitting a particular side of your home, close the drapes and curtains in those rooms. That will help reduce the heat transfer that occurs when the sunlight passes through your windows and heats up those rooms. When the sun is not directly hitting your windows, open up your blinds and curtains and take advantage of the natural light.

#3 Keep The Air Moving

Your air conditioning is not the only way to move air around in your home. Consider investing in small fans to put around your house to keep the air moving. They take a lot less energy than your air conditioner and can help make you feel cooler. They can also reduce your dependency on your air conditioner.

If you have ceiling fans, be sure to turn them on as well to keep the air moving. When you have moving air in your house, your house will feel cooler than it really is, which can allow you to keep your house a little warm and use your air conditioning a little less.

#4 Keep Your Vents Clear

Next, make sure that you are not covering up any vents. Make sure that your furniture is not on top of your vents. Make sure that your drapes do not cover up your vents. You may want to move your furniture back a few feet from your vents as well to ensure that the air is able to freely circulate throughout your home.

These simple tips can help keep your home a little cooler and help you save on energy costs when you are home all day. If you need further help, contact a business like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc.