There are so many possible things that could go wrong with your HVAC system. There are so many working parts, complex electrical components, and vulnerable elements. Many of the most common HVAC problems are actually very easy to install. However, most serious problems need to be handled by professionals, especially when they involve the electrical and gas components. This article runs through a list of the most common HVAC problems. It will help you decide whether you should simply fix the problem yourself, or if you need to call up the pros.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty filter can be the root of a number of HVAC problems. When you air filter is not changed within the recommended time period, it gets too dirty to do its job. This means that dusty air can get circulated into your furnace and throughout your ducts where it muddies up the duct walls and slows down electrical systems, like the blower motor.

Changing the air filter is the easiest DIY maintenance job. It is cheap because filters cost about $30 and they only need to be changed about once a year. No special tools are required and the labor is not intense. Verdict on air filters: change them yourself.

Dirty Air Pump

A dirty air pump can be the result of a filter that is not changed often enough. However, other factors can lead to a malfunctioning air pump. The actual process of cleaning an air pump is easy, but accessing the pump is not. To safely work on a forced air pump, you need to shut down the gas and power in a specific order. Usually, every system is different, so it is no always easy to find accurate and reliable instructions on the Internet.

There can be serious dangers if your furnace is not shut down properly. From gas leaks to electrical shorts, the implications can be severe, so it can be risky doing the work on your own. It can also depend on how your furnace was installed. Because of this, it is much better to contact the original HVAC tech that installed your furnace. This way you can be sure that they clean your pump in the safest and most effective manner. Verdict on air pumps: call in an HVAC tech.

As you can see, the answer is not always black and white when it comes to DIY HVAC repairs. Use your best judgement, and when in doubt, just hire an HVAC service.