Are you looking for a simple and smart summer home project? Do you want to do something that will improve the efficiency of your home, and make the coming winter more tolerable? If you clean the air handler connected to your heater, it can have a couple of positive effects.

A Clean Air Handler Will Be Helpful In Many Ways

First of all, with your air handler clean, both inside and outside, it should work more efficiently, meaning that it will have to use less electricity. Second, an air handler circulates air through that has not yet been filtered. As a result, this can lead to the build up of mold, allergens, and bacteria inside the handler cabinet. All of this dirty air can build up during the summer, when you are not using your heater and it is not being filtered. So, if you clean it during the summer, you will end up with cleaner and healthier air when winter comes around.

Cleaning the Air Handler

Here are the most important tools and techniques that you should use to clean your air handler. Before you actually do anything, you obviously want to turn off the power to your air handler. Some units will have a power box mounted on the cabinet walls, or on the actual wall next to the unit. If you can't find it, you can also just hit the breaker for that power supply.

In order to adequately clean inside an air handler cabinet you will need a flashlight, a pressurized air sprayer, several lint free rags, and an antibacterial cleaning spray. The pressurized air sprayer can be extremely helpful to help remove dust from the fan motor, the electrical wires, refrigerant tubing, and pretty much any tight corner that you can't reach with a rag.

Moisture Problems

Most of the cleaning is relatively easy, except if there happens to be moisture inside your unit. Moisture can cause the dust and dirt to cake on to the surfaces, then it becomes much harder to remove. That is, you can use the same techniques and supplies, but you just might need to rub a little harder with the rags, and use a little more liquid cleaner.

It may seem like tedious work, but cleaning the inside of your handler is going to result in a more efficient heating system this coming winter. Doing it during the summer will save you time as well.

For professional help, contact local heating repair services.