Have you noticed that your HVAC system is not producing air as forceful as it once did? If so, this may be a problem that you can fix. Here are some things to look into that can help the air flow freely once again.

Check The Air Filter

The problem may be due to an air filter that is well overdue for being changed. All air that flows through your home must pass through the air filter, and if the filter is dirty from being neglected, the air will have a hard time passing through the filter and going through your vents. Not only does this put extra stress on your HVAC system to produce hot or cold air but also reduces the amount of air that reaches each room.

Swap out the air filter with a new one and see if that improves the problem. If not, you will need to inspect other aspects of the HVAC system.

Inspect The Registers And Vents

Airflow can also be disrupted by air registers that are closed or blocked. Go into each room of your home and verify that both the exhaust and return vents are not obstructed in any way. Even if you have an exhaust vent that is free and clear of any obstructions, a return vent that is blocked will prevent air from cycling back through the system. Verify that all your vents are open and have nothing blocking the airflow, and then turn on the HVAC system to see if it made a difference.

Service The HVAC Air Handler

The one part of the HVAC system that is responsible for moving the air in your home is called the air handler. It's possible that the unit's blower motor has a problem that is preventing it from moving the air through the vents. It could be a damaged fan blade or even a worn-down motor that needs lubrication.

It is best to contact a local HVAC contractor to handle this type of service for you. Not only will they investigate the air handler for problems, but they can perform other routine maintenance as well.

Look For Air Duct Leaks

You may have poor air flow because the air is not reaching the rooms as intended. Take a look at your exposed ductwork and identify places where the air is leaking out. You may need to repair these sections of the ductwork so that it is not losing air prior to it reaching the intended rooms.

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