The winter is not a time when you want to forget about your air conditioning. It is a time when your heating needs maintenance, but there is also some care that your AC system will need. Keeping the unit free of winter problems and preparing it for spring will ensure you have fewer problems when you need it most. Here are some winter air conditioning and repair needs that will help you prepare for warmer spring weather:

1. Dealing with AC Care During Winter Storms to Prevent Damage

The winter weather can cause problems with your AC, which is why you need to do care. One option is to reduce problems by covering your AC. In addition, you will want to make sure you clean snow and ice of the unit and keep components like drain lines clear of water and ice that can cause damage to your system.

2. Changing Filters and Cleaning Ducts the AC to Prepare for Spring Weather

After the danger of winter storms has passed, you will be ready to begin the maintenance and repairs, which should start with filters. You will want to change the AC filters and clean the ducts of your AC to ensure your air conditioner is working efficiently and reduce wear during extremely hot summer weather.

3. Inspecting and Servicing Your AC to Prepare for the Warmer Weather

Inspecting your AC during the winter months is also important. It is a good idea to hire an HVAC service to inspect and service your system. This is also a good time to have them do things like clean the AC unit outside, and other improvements like adding gas to the AC and minor repairs that need to be done before you begin using the cooling in your home.

4. Repairs That Need Completing Before Warm Spring Weather

There are a lot of different repairs that may need to be done to air conditioning before warm weather. You may need to check the compressor and lines for leaks. These are repairs that you will want to do before warm weather to ensure your AC does not break when you need it most during the hottest summer weather.

These are some of the maintenance and repairs that your air conditioning is going to need before spring. If you need help with servicing your AC, contact an airconditioning maintenance service to help you prepare for warmer weather.