If your home is heated by a furnace, you need to make sure you take proper care of your furnace all year long so that it works when you need it. A little care and attention will save you from having to replace your furnace, which can be extremely expensive. ­­­

Make Sure All Tubes are Securely Fastened

There are a variety of different types that are attached to your furnace, such as the drainage tube and the venting pipe. All these tubes and pipes should be securely attached to your furnace. They should be fastened in place. If you notice that any of these tubes or pipes are not securely fastened to the furnace, fix this issue right away.

Clean the Drainage Tube

The drainage tube plays a really important role in the overall function of your furnace. As your furnace produces heat, a small amount of water is created as a byproduct. Some of the water vapor is released as steam. Some of the water drains out into a drip pan through a drainage tube.

If the drainage tube gets blocked, that can cause the water to build up inside the manifold of your furnace. This can result in the flame sensor for your furnace getting turned off due to the accumulation of moisture inside of the system.

This can easily be avoided by taking the drainage tube and disconnecting it from the furnace and then using forced air to clear the drainage tube. You can clean the tube further by pouring a mixture of white vinegar and water through the tube. This will help remove any film that has built up inside the tube.

You should also clean the drip pan and make sure that mold doesn't accumulate there. This simple maintenance task will help keep your furnace running smoothly.

Clean the Furnace

Your furnace can attract a lot of dust. You should clean the outside of your furnace to remove all the built-up dust and dirt. You can do this by dusting the outside with a soft microfiber cloth. To remove built-up dust inside of small crevices, you can use a soft paintbrush to clean the small areas on your furnace.

Clean the Flame Sensor

When your furnace is not in operation, clean the flame sensor. The flame sensor should be cleaned on at least a yearly basis. To clean the flame sensor, unscrew the sensor from your furnace and use an emery cloth to clean it. Once it is clean, put it back in place.

Cleaning your furnace is one of the easiest ways to ensure that it works for a long time. Set aside a day every six months to make sure all the tubes are secured to the furnace, clean the drainage tube, dust off the outside of the furnace, and properly clean the flame sensor.

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