Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians install and repair heating and air units in residential and commercial properties. They can also upgrade existing units to newer, more energy-efficient appliances. HVAC contractors can even provide emergency services for you. There are several reasons why you might require emergency services. This guide lists a few reasons for both cooling and heating.


During the cold months, the last thing you want is problems with your heat. Unfortunately, the furnace can experience many problems that warrant emergency services.

Smelling Gas in the Home

Anyone who owns a gas heating appliance runs the risk of gas leaks. The mercaptan that is added to gas as a warning signal releases a pretty strong rotten egg smell. Immediately leave the premises anytime you smell this and believe it to be gas. Contract your heating company right away so they can turn the gas off and repair the issue.

Pilot Light Went Out

When the pilot light on the furnace goes out, the furnace will not work properly. Sometimes you can reset it using a long lighter. If it does not relight, you may have problems with the thermocouple in the unit. You will need a professional to repair this. You can also call them to relight the pilot light if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.


People that live in areas that experience extreme heat know the necessity of owning an air conditioner. One of the main calls for emergency cooling services is due to the air conditioner not turning on at all. However, there are also some other reasons you may need to contact HVAC professionals for immediate service.

Burning Smell

A burning smell that originates from the air conditioning unit is never a good sign. It usually is due to an electrical issue within the appliance. Immediately turn off the A/C unit and call a local air conditioning company to check the appliance.

Screeching Sound

A screeching sound coming from the air conditioner is definitely bad. Most likely, a fan belt has come loose or worn and will need to be replaced. The unit should not be used until the replacement has been made or it can severely damage other things inside the unit.


Almost every single HVAC company offers emergency services for your convenience. The prices do go up after hours, weekends, or holidays. However, it is worth it to receive help when you urgently need it. Your heating company will always provide service to you all hours of the day.