Many things can go wrong with your air conditioner, especially if you haven't been properly maintaining it. Some problems require only minor repairs, but other problems can require major repairs or even the full replacement of your air conditioner. You can learn about some of the problems that can happen to an air conditioner in this article, as well as the things your air conditioner might do in some of these situations. If you notice any changes in your AC, then the best thing you can do is to act fast when it comes to getting it fixed. Here is information on some of the more commonly occurring issues with air conditioners: 

1. Leaking refrigerant

If you find that your air conditioner doesn't have much refrigerant left and it needs to be recharged then this indicates there is a leak. The refrigerant isn't something that needs to be replaced because the system is supposed to be properly sealed. When there is a leak, then this is when you will need to have what's missing replaced, but you will then also need the leak found and fixed. One of the most common signs of lacking refrigerant is having the AC begin to blow warm air at times to finally having it blow nothing but warm air. 

2. Worn or broken belt

In a belt-driven HVAC system, the belts become worn out eventually. When this happens, you need to have the belt replaced, hopefully before it ends up breaking completely. Even before the belt breaks, it can give you signs that there are problems because as the belt wears it won't offer the necessary strength needed to continue running the system correctly. One of the more common signs of belt issues will be a weird sound coming from it, such as a squealing or grating sound. 

3. Leaks in the ducts

If you have one or more leaks in the ducts then the cooled air will escape before it reaches the vents and this will cause the system to keep trying to cool the house without being able to bring the temperature down to where you want it. The extra work this puts on the AC is going to cause the system to experience excessive wear and it is really going to raise the amount of your electric bill. The signs commonly noticed when this happens is having the home cooling unevenly and hearing the system kick back on much more often. Then, you will begin receiving those high bills. As soon as you think there is a leak in the ducts, have someone come out and perform AC repairs.