While not all air conditioning failures can be predicted before they happen, your AC will often provide you with warning signs that it is headed for a breakdown if you do not act quickly to get the AC repairs that you require. Learning to spot these signs can help to prevent you from getting caught off guard without the cooling power you need during the hot summer months.

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air Instead Of Cold

Perhaps the only thing worse than an air conditioner that is not blowing out cold air is one that is blowing out warm air. In many cases, this problem can point to either an air circulation issue or condenser coils that have become frozen. In either case, you will require professional AC repairs in order to get your system back up and running properly. 

Condensation On The Exterior Of Your AC System Or Vents

People often choose to ignore this warning sign because they attribute the condensation to the temperature difference between the cold air inside their air conditioner and the warmer air inside their home. However, the truth is, this is simply not the way residential air conditioning systems are designed to work. At no time should there be moisture on the outside of this system. If you notice any type of condensation or puddling around or on your air conditioner, you should contact an AC contractor right away.

Your Air Conditioner Is Cycling On And Off More Frequently

While there will be some increase in the number of times your AC cycles on and off when temperatures reach their highest levels of the season, the frequency with which your cooling system turns on and off should be rather predictable. If you notice that your air conditioner has begun cycling more frequently, this is a good indication that it is time for a service call.

Your Air Conditioner Sounds Angry

Just as you tend to make unhappy sounds when something doesn't feel quite right with your body, you will find that your AC often verbalizes its issues in its own way as well. For instance, a slight buzzing or rattling sound can be an indication that a part has begun to loosen and will need repair before it breaks. Louder noises such as metallic grinding or growling sound can be an indication with your blower motor or condenser. Both of these issues will need to be resolved with the help of a professional AC repair contractor.