It's a sinking feeling to walk into your kitchen in time to see one of your teens pouring grease down the drain. Even worse, you may find out this has been a normal practice for your teen ever since they took on the responsibility of cleaning up after meals.

Grease is one of the worst things to go down your drain. Even if it's hot when it first goes in, the grease cools off and sticks to the drain to eventually coat the walls and cause a clog. Grease clogs can even be more difficult to clear than paper clogs. Here's a look at ways to clear grease out of your drain.

Try Drain Cleaning With Hot Water And Vinegar 

Hot water might be useful since it can melt the grease so it gets flowing on through your drain pipe. You can pour hot water down the drain and then follow that with vinegar. The vinegar might help break up grease and eliminate odors caused by bacteria in the drain. Hot water and vinegar might even work as a weekly treatment to keep your drain clean and flowing. Preventing a grease clog is usually easier than getting rid of one.

Call A Plumber To Bring A Hydro Jet

The two methods of drain cleaning are a hydro jet and drain snake. A drain snake might not be the right choice for a grease clog since the entire clog should be removed, and a snake might not be able to get the grease off the sides of the drain.

A better option is a hydro jet that washes the insides of the drain to remove all traces of the grease. A plumber can work through the kitchen drain or through the cleanout outside. However, if the problem is the grease that has been poured down the drain, the kitchen drain will probably need to be cleaned from the top opening down. Since a hydro jet is inserted at the wall, you or the plumber may need to hand wash the P-trap to get it free of grease too.

Once the hose is in place, the plumber can wash the drain in a manner similar to using a pressure washer inside the pipe. This moves the clog through and cleans the pipe to get rid of the grease coating that clings to the walls. Hydro jetting is a thorough method of drain cleaning that can get rid of a grease clog for good. However, if you or your kids continue to pour grease down the drain, a new clog will start building again soon.