If you're having problems with your heating and air conditioning unit, then you could be wondering whether or not you should have it repaired. This can be hard for you to determine on your own, so you will probably need to enlist a professional to get some advice. If you're wondering how a professional will determine whether or not your HVAC unit should be repaired — or if you should think about completely replacing it instead — then you should consider the following steps that they will probably take.

Determining if It's the Right Unit for Your House

First of all, if you don't have the right HVAC unit for your house — such as if your unit is much too small for the square footage of your home — then a professional might recommend that you replace it. After all, one reason why it might need repair right now could be because it's had to work too hard to try to heat and cool your home. In fact, there might not even be anything wrong with your unit at all; instead, it simply might not be doing a sufficient job because it's too small.

If your unit is the right size and type for your home, on the other hand, then there is a good possibility that repair will be a good option. After all, once your unit is repaired, it might heat and cool your home better. 

Determining What's Wrong With Your Unit

Of course, the next thing that a professional will look at is what is wrong with your unit. If there is something minor wrong with your HVAC unit, then your repair technician will probably tell you that having your unit repaired makes sense. If your unit has a lot of issues, on the other hand, the cost of having it repaired might be higher than the cost of replacing it. In that scenario, your repair technician will probably recommend a replacement. They should do a good, thorough job of looking over your HVAC unit to determine the extent of the repair issues, and they should provide you with a breakdown of everything that will need to be done if you want to get your unit back up and running.

Looking at the Age of Your Unit

Lastly, when helping you determine if it's time for you to have repairs done, a repair technician will look at its age. They should be able to get an idea of its age by looking at it, but they might also ask about when you had it installed. If the unit is old, then replacing it might be their recommendation. If it's only a few years old, however, they will probably tell you that repairing it is a good idea.

For more information about HVAC repair, contact a local HVAC contractor.