The last thing you want is to have a gas furnace that doesn't efficiently heat your home during the chilly days of the winter. But this is not always the case, as the unit can fail for one reason or another. A common furnace problem, particularly with older gas furnaces, is a pilot light that's unstable. Different things may cause this problem, and here are a few you should know.

The Furnace Doesn't Keep the Flame On

The flame in the furnace can cause the pilot light to turn off continually. The only way to determine if the flame is the culprit is by inspecting it. If it appears weak and yellowish, it's a sign that your furnace isn't hot enough to ensure that the flame burns continuously. A stable flame should be blue and have a yellow tinge at the top. To resolve this problem, call your heating professional to inspect the unit and recommend the needful repairs.

The Unit's Thermocouple Is Bent

Your pilot light can demonstrate unusual behavior when the thermocouple bends. That is because a bent thermocouple doesn't allow the gas flame to reach the system component. In turn, this prompts the gas valve to turn off automatically. 

To rectify this problem, turn off your gas and wait until everything cools down. Once this is done, turn it to the upright position and turn the gas supply on again. Call a furnace repair expert to inspect your system and execute the necessary repairs if the problem persists.

The System Experiences Air Flow Issues

Sudden air movement can cause your pilot light to turn off. Sometimes, re-lighting your flame can address this issue. However, if you light it up and it keeps going off, consider seeking the help of a heating professional. It could be that your furnace flue is improperly installed or damaged.

The Unit Contains a Dysfunctional Gas Regulator

If you're running a gas furnace in your home, you likely have a gas meter in your yard. So, when the gas regulator isn't working, there is inadequate gas to keep the pilot light stable. In addition to the furnace, you'll experience a pilot problem in other gas-powered appliances if your gas tank contains a dysfunctional regulator.

While using a gas furnace, the pilot flame needs to remain lit to run the heating system. So pilot light issues will cause inconsistent heating of your home. The information in this guide should help you understand why this is happening and the importance of seeking timely professional furnace repairs.

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