Having an air conditioner that doesn't work when it's hot outside can be frustrating, especially if you live in an area that experiences high temperatures. If your AC isn't running, you might spend more money than necessary on things like fans and ice packs. One of the components that can become faulty is the evaporator coil. Here are some signs the evaporator coil needs the attention of air conditioning repair services:

1. There's Water Overflowing From the Drip Pan

One sign that your air conditioner needs service is overflowing water from the unit's drip pan. The evaporator coil usually develops condensation, which collects in the drip pan, but if it's overflowing, there is a problem. An experienced technician will examine the evaporator coil for leakage. 

2. AC Takes Longer to Get to A Desirable Cooling Point

If your air conditioner takes longer than usual to bring down room temperature, chances are you have a faulty evaporator coil problem. The evaporator coil is one of several components in an air conditioning system that releases heat from your home. 

If the AC is taking too long to get to the desired point, the refrigerant could be cooling slowly, pointing to a faulty evaporator coil. Call an AC technician to diagnose the fault.

3. Warm  Air From the Registers

Is warm air coming from the vents even when the AC is turned down? If this is the case, there is no heat exchange happening; the refrigerant is not cooling. It could be from low pressure when the evaporator coil is leaking or unable to dump heat because of accumulated dirt and grime. The AC repair technician will verify whether the evaporator coil is playing its part. 

4. Frequent Cycling Without Cooling 

Does your AC turn on and off frequently without cooling? A faulty evaporator coil likely causes this. The evaporator coil carries cold refrigerant. When it is faulty, the AC will keep trying to get to the level commanded by the thermostat, making it cycle faster than expected. The AC technician will inspect the heat exchange process to determine the problem. 

5. Ice Formation on the Coils 

Accumulated dirt and grime on the coils can lead to ice buildup. This may cause your system to stop cooling or, in some cases, over-cooling. The air conditioner repair services check for blockages in the evaporator coil and clean it out with specialized equipment if necessary. If there is leakage, they may need to replace it.

Keeping the AC functional should be a priority in hot weather to safeguard your home's comfort and safety. Call air conditioning repair services to diagnose and fix the faults when you notice any of the above signs.