If you purchased an older home you may have also purchased an older AC unit with it. The ac may be just a few years old to several decades old. Older AC systems have something in common. They may all need certain repairs to keep them working properly without having to do a complete removal and installation. Here are some of those AC repairs and what you should know about them. 

Wiring Issues 

The AC system wiring can have multiple wiring issues. Wires can have damage from something rubbing against the wiring. The wires can also have issues with fraying or corrosion. Corrosion at the connection points can be a concern. The concern is you may find your AC failing to work at all. With corrosion, there is also a blockage for the connection to work. The wire will need to be replaced and the connectors cleaned. Fraying of wires is cause for concern. Fraying can lead to issues of sparks and possible fires. This means wiring should be checked on a routine basis and any issues should be called into your repair technician as soon as possible. 

Overworked Motor

If you have ever been sitting in the house and suddenly feel the AC stop blowing cold air or you smell a burning rubber smell, then you know the issues with an overworked motor in your AC. An overworked motor can have several causes. The main cause is the motor working too hard to maintain the temperature in the house. Two main reasons for this are having your AC running heavily during extreme temperatures or having a clogged AC that causes the motor to work overtime. If you notice your AC freezing, forming ice on the system, or a burning rubber smell then turn off your AC and call your repair technician. 

Leaking and Drainage 

You may or may not know that your AC has a drainage pipe. As your ac runs, it may have some condensation build-up. that condensation needs someplace to go. This is where the drainage pipe comes in. These pipes usually work fairly well. However, they can also be clogged easily with dust and debris. When this happens you may notice a leak from your AC. If you do notice a leak, contact your AC repair technician. The clog should be fixed by a professional and if it is a leak, the pipe will need replacement. 

If you are not sure how old your AC system is or if it may already need some upgrades or repairs, contact your AC repair technician. They will schedule an appointment and perform an inspection of the system. They will be able to tell you if they need to repair some aspects of the system or if there are upgrades that should be made. They will also help you set up a routine maintenance schedule to maintain the unit and keep it working for as long as possible.