Your air conditioning system is easy to ignore until something goes wrong. However, there are some signs for which you can look that may indicate you need a new system. If you would like to know more, check out these four signs you need an air conditioning contractor.

1. Ineffectiveness

An HVAC system usually becomes less effective as it gets older. Lack of maintenance can worsen this and/or make the system age faster. If your system is older and ineffective, it may be time to get a newer model with more advanced technology. On the other hand, if the system is relatively new, good servicing and cleaning can drastically boost its effectiveness.

In some cases, the system may be ineffective because it's too small. If the previous HVAC technician installed a system for a house smaller than yours, it may be impossible to boost the effectiveness without getting a new system.

2. Frequent Cycling

An HVAC system goes through cycles of cooling the house and turning off. If your system cycles more often than it should, it could indicate the system is too effective at its job because the system is too big. While this may seem nice because it means you keep your home comfy and cool, it also puts more strain on the system and may use up more energy to keep starting and stopping.

3. Rising Energy Bills

Even if you haven't noticed anything with your HVAC system, check your energy bills. Energy naturally rises in price over the years, but if your energy bills are rising faster and/or higher than normal, your HVAC system may be less efficient, causing it to waste more power to work.

In many cases, good cleaning and service can also help boost efficiency, but if your system is old, it's best to replace it. Newer systems are more likely to be Energy Star approve and have a great SEER rating, making it easy to find an energy-efficient option.

4. Strange Sounds and Odors

All HVAC systems make noise, but over time, you learn what sounds are normal. If your system starts making strange sounds, it could indicate a problem. For example, grinding or squeaking could indicate a broken part or a need for lubrication.

Similarly, if you notice strange odors from the system, you may have an issue. For example, a musty odor coming from the vents could indicate mold in the system.

An air conditioning system is a great feature for any home. However, even with good care, no system lasts forever. If your system is getting old and worn, it may be time to consider replacing it. if you would like to know more, contact an air conditioning contractor in your area.