Air conditioning in a commercial property is vital for comfortable business operations. However, given the high demands of a conducive environment in a commercial setting, your unit is bound to wear down and develop malfunctions. If you neglect to address these malfunctions as they arise, they may escalate and cause a system failure. Therefore, hiring a technician for regular AC checks and repairs is imperative. You will be pleased to know they can quickly fix any underlying malfunction for peak performance. The following are the signs your commercial AC needs repair. 

Uneven Cooling

If you notice some hot and cold spots in your business facility, the AC is due for repair. This issue is common when leaks in the ductwork cause cool air to escape to the unconditioned space. Furthermore, when your refrigerant line set develops holes, it may cause the refrigerant to leak. As a result, the cooling power will reduce drastically, causing a weak airflow from the vents. A quick remedy is to seal your ducts to prevent energy loss. Additionally, an AC expert can patch the refrigerant line for maximum cooling output.

Higher Energy Bills

If you notice a significant difference between your previous and current cooling bills, your AC could be the culprit. Keep in mind that when your unit's mechanical components are low on lubrication, they will work much harder. In addition, if the air filters are dirty, they will restrict airflow into the unit. This may result in the system overworking to draw sufficient air for cooling. Consequently, the system will draw more energy to deliver an average cooling output, hence a spike in your energy bills. If this is the case, your unit will require professional cleaning and lubrication for peak efficiency.

Strange Sounds

Your commercial AC will make relatively low sounds during normal operation. However, if these sounds escalate into loud and strange noises, the system could have a malfunction. For example, you will hear rattling noises when components become loose or dislodge from their original position. Additionally, your AC will make squealing noises indicating a refrigerant leak. Since these noises are loud and disruptive to your employees, you must address the defects for a quiet and seamless operation.

Unpleasant Odors

Your commercial AC could be defective if you notice foul smells when you turn it on. These smells indicate underlying malfunctions that can cause premature failure if left unchecked. For instance, burning smells point to electrical failure, while musty smells indicate a clogged drain line. Thus, it is important to engage an AC technician to assess the cause of the smell and remedy it for better air quality.

A drop in your commercial AC performance may be detrimental to business operations. Therefore, you should schedule routine tune-ups with an AC contractor to ensure your unit operates at peak efficiency.

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