Are you looking to add an air conditioning system to your new or existing home? Proper planning and preparation are key to ensuring a successful AC installation job.

If you already have ductwork in place, a central air conditioner is the most practical option for your home because it will make use of the existing HVAC infrastructure. However, you need to inspect and test the duct system to determine if it needs some repairs or alterations to ensure the new air conditioner can work well.

Here are some concerns to address when inspecting the existing ductwork in your home to accommodate the introduction of central air conditioning.

Is The Ductwork Sealed Properly?

All sections of your ductwork must be tightly sealed to keep conditioned air where it belongs – within your home. Over time, some duct seals can become loose and come off, allowing air to escape through the leaks in the system.

Before starting your central AC installation, check your duct system for leaks and ensure any leaks are sealed. Mastic tape sealant and aluminum foil tape are effective products for fixing leaky ductwork.

Is The Ductwork Insulated Adequately?

Duct systems usually run in the basement, attic, crawlspaces and other underinsulated or uninsulated areas of the home. Covering the entire ductwork with insulation ensures the air traveling through it remains at the desired temperatures to allow for increased comfort and energy efficiency.

When the temperatures outside the air ducts significantly vary from the temperature of the conditioned air, condensation may occur on duct surfaces, resulting in moisture-related issues such as mold growth and duct corrosion.

Ensuring proper duct insulation will help protect your ductwork, keep your family safe and comfortable and ensure the conditioned air flowing through the ductwork doesn't get "lost" to the surrounding environment. 

Is The Ductwork Clean?

Before installing your central air conditioner, make sure your duct system is clean.

Dirty ductwork will contaminate your conditioned air and create an unhealthy living environment for your family. On the other hand, clean ducts will distribute cool, healthy air throughout your home, contributing to improved overall well-being.

Is The Ductwork Tightly Secured?

If the metal screws and straps or draw band connectors used for securing your ductwork in place are loose or missing, tighten or replace them to protect the structure.

Is The Ductwork Working Effectively?

The final step in preparing your ductwork for air conditioning installation is to test the ductwork to determine if it is working effectively. Any desired adjustments or modifications can be done during a retrofit. 

Need to know how much your AC installation might cost? Contact an air conditioning service near you for your free cost estimate.