A blower is a crucial component of your domestic heating system. This is because it moves the conditioned and heated air from the unit into the ducts and distributes it throughout the home. As such, when the blower is functional, you will have a heated and comfortable home throughout the winter. On the other hand, if the blower gets damaged, the heating will not be as effective. Worse still, the inability to blow heated air can lead to eventual system damage. Hence, you should hire a heating expert to assess possible causes if you notice these issues with the blower.

Your Home is Receiving Reduced or No Airflow

A malfunctioning blower motor could be to blame if you find that your heating system is not producing any heat. In most cases, this signals an imminent motor failure. That said, you do not have to wait till your system stops working to call the professional. Instead, call the experts as soon as you notice signs of reduced airflow to troubleshoot and help you fix the problem.

Your Heater is Making Screeching and Rattling Sounds

Pay close attention when the warm air from your furnace begins to blow. In such cases, if you hear a rattle, it could be that your blower motor needs an impeller or you need to tighten a screw. Note that screeching from the furnace could also be caused by a faulty blower motor. Typically, a torn or tattered belt is the root of the annoying screeching sound. That said, it occurs in decades-old furnaces with a belt drive. In such cases, the HVAC service specialists can fix belt damages and weaknesses if you have a functional motor.

Your Heating Bills are Higher than Expected

Numerous factors, including your heater or windows, can contribute to inflated utility costs. However, you should assess your motor if you've already ruled out other obvious reasons. Keep in mind that the motor's performance will suffer if it is dirty. More importantly, failing to fix this right away could cause problems. Note that one possible cause of high electricity costs is a stalled varying blower motor. On the other hand, repairs by your heating professionals should help you pay more manageable bills for your energy consumption.

These are a few signs that it might be time to replace the HVAC blower motor. Other telltale signs can include strange smells in the home. You should call an HVAC system repair technician as soon as you notice any indicators that your system might have damage. The experts will assess and help you resolve all blower problems promptly.

Reach out to an HVAC system repair service near you to learn more.