When you suspect you need a technician to handle an AC repair project, you want to start the work as soon as possible. Otherwise, there's a risk that the system's problems could worsen due to neglect. To get the job rolling right away, though, you need to be able to notice that there's an issue. You can use these four tips to tell if an AC unit needs repairs.


When operating ideally in a space sized for its capacity, an AC system should keep the room comfortably dry. If the AC is running and you still notice the humidity level, that is a sign that something's wrong. Especially if the unit used to handle the job with no trouble, then you need to talk to a residential AC repair technician.

Moisture issues don't always show up where you sit. The periphery of a room could have problems, and these sometimes lead to mold growth. You might notice a musty smell, for example. Once you've eliminated other possibilities, have a pro check out the AC system.


Lots of AC units hum, and some are even a bit noisy. However, there shouldn't be loud vibrations. Also, any unsteady sound is bad. Clunks, bangs, rattles, and grinding are all signs of trouble. Likewise, a wobble in the system's noise could be a sign that it's struggling. Even if the unit is otherwise doing its job well, there could be an emerging issue that requires a technician's attention.

Rising Energy Bills 

This one is slightly tricky because changes in the weather or even increases in electricity prices can affect your bill. Consequently, you need to look closely at the year-over-year per-hour consumption rate. You also need to look at the average temperature and humidity for this year and the last one. If there isn't much difference in conditions but the power consumption has shot up, then there could be an AC repair issue.

Airflow Problems

The goal of owning an AC system is to cool a house, and the unit's airflow is a big part of the equation. If a system has failing components, it might not achieve sufficient airflow. Even if the compressor is still working well, it could short cycle if the blower isn't pushing air in and out of the unit rapidly enough.

Warm air is also a strong sign of issues with an AC setup. If the system isn't cooling the air enough, it will blow warm air.

Contact a local AC repair service to learn more.